Sunday, February 14, 2010

Planted Celeriac

Wasn't intending to try celeriac this year (although it was on my list of things to try someday in the future), but Sand Hill Preservation Center sent me a trial of Monstorpolgi seeds with my order.

According to the University of Minnesota extension, I should have planted the seeds back on February 1, but I'm going ahead with them today (two weeks later) to see if they'll work. Even planting 6 squares (5 seeds each) didn't make a noticeable dent in the pile of tiny seeds in the packet, so I'll still have plenty to try in future years.

Since I'm not sure I'll be starting anything else (even broccoli) for another three weeks, I decided not to get the lights, etc. set up yet. My heat pad hasn't even arrived in the mail from Southern Exposure, so I couldn't set that up if I wanted to! Instead, I just stuck the seeds in 6 sections of a paper egg carton, set that on a plastic disposable plate, and put it on my desk near the window. If Xander doesn't knock the whole thing on the floor in the next few weeks, I'll move it down with the rest of the seedlings once I get them started.

So I launch into this overly-ambitious gardening year with a brand-new type of vegetable that I've never eaten, or seen, or even heard of until I read the Seed to Seed guide over this past winter! Probably a fitting summary of my gardening plans for this year...

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