Friday, February 19, 2010

Celeriac Update (and Lettuce!)

Well, the Monstorpolgi celeriac seeds got to enjoy almost 3 days before my toddler discovered them... and dumped the entire seed tray upside down on the floor. (Well, actually on a pile of dirty laundry waiting to be carried to the basement.) This was much like the scene this morning, when he managed to drop a nearly-full McDonald's sauce packet upside-down on the floor... toddler talents at work.

By the time we'd flipped the seed tray right-side-up and got it back to the shelf, it was obvious that I was missing the first 1/4" or more of the dirt... which pretty much included all of the celeriac seeds. Guess I'll be started them over this weekend...

On the good side, my daughter helped me get some lettuce seeds planted midway through the week (Feb. 17); we started three sets of each type (7 kinds), with about 5 seeds in each set. (I don't know what people call each little hole in a commercial seed tray... "pot" doesn't seem quite right, but "set" is confusing... I'm sure there's a better name...)

We also planted some very old (8 years+) "nematocidal marigold" seed from Seeds of Change that was stuck in the cracks of an (apparently) empty packet, and some equally old Rosemary seed. We'll see if either one germinates...

1 comment:

  1. Ah too bad about the celeric seeds!
    I'll be interested to see how the old marigold and rosemary seeds do.
    I usually call the little planting thingys a square, but the trays I have are rectangles with squares. Well, that wasn't too confusing at all! LOL!