Friday, March 13, 2009

All right, I'm going to try this. I want a place to document things for myself, as well as share them with other people who might be interested. The website never gets updated, so maybe a blog will work, at least it's easier to just go post an entry!

The name of the blog is because my husband and I are building a sailboat. Actually, we're not even actively building it right now - our youngest, at 18 months old, pretty effectively prevents that! We have no final name for it yet, but for the last few years we've been sticking with Sorontur, the name of the King of the Eagles in Tolkien's world.

It's a male name, and boats are traditionally female, but it fits in so many ways. First, of course, Dave and I both have loved Tolkien's works since we were young. Second, we currently have a 19' sailboat that is a smaller version of the one we're building, and its name is Blackbird. Moving up from 19' Blackbird to the 33' King of the Eagles makes a lot of sense! ;) And finally, to us this boat is the pinnacle of where we want to be, it's our freedom and a home and allows us to travel most places of the world, more quickly and more comfortably (according to our desires) than most other liveaboard, ocean-cruising sailboats. As a king could be considered the ultimate position, to us this boat is the ultimate sailboat. :)

Dinner's calling... we'll see if I ever get back here to post again!

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